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Glencoe SD 35 COVID-19 Dashboard

Glencoe SD 35 Video Update (10/25/20)

Illinois Report Card: Glencoe School District 35

New Trier High School COVID-19 Dashboard



Support for school reopenings grows across the political spectrum (11/23/20)

Every Illinois School Parent, Teacher Should Know These Covid-19 Facts (11/18/20)

Illinois' Covid Case Fatality Rate Plummets- Wirepoints (11/10/20)

Reopening Schools Safely and Responsibly (11/13/20) 

Illinois' Own Covid-19 Data reveals the state's own coronavirus policy is upside down-Wirepoints (11/03/20)

Illinois COVID Data by Zip Code

 Restore Illinois Phases (currently phase 4)

 IDPH’s School Guidance

FAQs for Schools (Updated 10/27/20)

County Adaptive Pause Metrics for School

Adaptive Pause and Metrics: Interim School Guidance for Local Health Departments (last update 8/17/20)

Public Health Interim Guidance for Pre-K-12 Schools and Daycare Programs for Addressing Covid-19 (last update 10/14/20)

IHSA Winter Sports 2020 Guidance (10/28/20)


CDC Recommends Reduced Quarantine Time to from 14 to 7 Days (12/02/20)

CDC Trims Quarantine Time


Emergency Department Visits for Children's Mental Health Issues Dramatically Increased Since April 2020 (published 11/13/20)

CDC: The Importance of Reopening Schools

CDC: Indicators for Dynamic School Decision-making (9/15/20)

CDC: Covid-19 Case Dashboard

CDC: Demographic Trends for COVID-19 Cases

CDC: Guidelines for Discontinuing Isolation

CDC: Guidelines for Disinfecting Schools




Great Barrington Declaration 

COVID Lockdown FAQs

State by State COVID-19 School Response Dashboard

End The School Shutdown

Reconsidering the 14 Day Quarantine for Children

Coping With the Covid Winter

Mask Mandates

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