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"…I definitely think we are not in a good place as a school district right now and changes are needed in some capacity” -OpenCentralSchool supporter

Our leaders must adapt to the accumulating data that it is safe for our children to be in school full-time in-person. Per the CDC, for those under 20, the probability of survival after COVID infection is 99.997%, and for those 20-50 it is 99.98%. Lockdowns don't eradicate infectious diseases, and this strategy has tremendous collateral damage. We must stop harming our children's social, emotional, and educational development.

We give Central $23,593 per pupil in our tax dollars. With those resources, our school leaders can safely provide full-time in-person learning! Sears School in Kenilworth is doing it and so can Central!

Contact our School Board Members at They are elected officials hired to serve our community, listen to all points of view, and evolve their plans based on the growing data that our children can safely be in school full-time in-person should a family want that option.


"Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech"

-Benjamin Franklin

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