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Open Central School Glencoe

Our Kids Need Full-Time In-Person Learning


New updates coming soon about local reopening

CDC Director Dr. Redfield Says Data Supports Face-to-Face Learning in Schools:


"The CDC did not recommend school closures"

"K -12 can operate face-to-face learning safely...It is clear from the data, these schools stay open"

Watch the video (11/19/20)

Support for school reopenings grows across the political spectrum (Read This!)


Help Make Full-Time In-Person Learning an Option at Central School


Every Illinois school parent, teacher should know these COVID-19 facts



Join other Central School Parents and Community Members who believe:


Parents should have the option to choose full-time in-person school


Many children are falling behind academically and suffering emotionally due to the lack of full-time in-person learning.


With a $22,593 per pupil revenue from our tax dollars, Central School has the resources to safely provide a full-time in-person learning option.


Help Us Get Central School Open Full-Time In-Person for those families who choose full-time in-person learning

Lockdowns and Collateral Damage FAQs

More Kids with Masks
Kids with Masks

Take Action


Join our growing group of parents and community members who are taking action to open our school for a full-time in-person learning option.


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